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Other Class Info

 If you have any concerns or are wondering why something is happening, please feel free to call or email me at any time.  I welcome all concerns, ideas, and feedback that affect your child or our classroom.   If something is not working, I am more than willing to talk.  I welcome all feedback.

Birthdays :   


 If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday please contact me at least one week prior, so that we can schedule your visit. Due to food allergies I am asking parents not to bring in or send in a food item. We have children who have peanut and tree nut allergies. Instead, you might want to bring in a little goody i.e. a pencil for each child, a small goody bag with a small trinket in it to share with our class of 21 students rather than food.  Some ideas include pencils, erasers, goody-bag favors, etc.  I do not want parents to spend any more money than if they were baking cupcakes. I am asking parents to read a book to the class as part of our Birthday celebration. 

Book Orders    
Your child will be bringing home a monthly book club order form from either Scholastic or Trumpet book clubs. I am asking parents this year to order the books online instead of sending in a check to me. It is just so much more efficient to use the online tool.


Dismissal Notes:


It is important that you send in a note with your child about any change in their dismissal routine. If your child does different things on different days (example: pick up Fridays, bus on Mondays, etc.) you may write one note with the weekly information that will serve as a year long note. Notes are also required for clubs, activities, and SACC.




Children in second grade have about twenty to twenty five minutes of homework every night, excluding Fridays and holidays. Homework will consist of a math sheet given out on Monday and Wednesday nights, it will coordinate with the lesson taught that day. This worksheet needs to be passed in the next day. Also, I will be expecting children to practice their Math facts online with the help of Reflex Math, on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Reflex Math is a free web program that teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts, which are critical to success in mathematics.  In addition the children will be asked to read at least ten to fifteen minutes each night.  A monthly reading homework log will be sent home with your child. Please write down the books your child has read and return the reading log to school on the last school day of the month. 



Snack-We will be having snack everyday; please send your child to school with a nutritious snack and drink, separate from their lunch. We are a tree nut free classroom, so please do not send in any snacks that have tree nuts. It is important that your child have “brain food” to keep them energized and engaged the entire school day.Please include a snack on early release days, and special activity days.




Ask your child what he or she is studying, and look in the homework folder every night.  The homework folder is where you will find the newsletters and notes that are sent home, as well as any homework that needs to be completed.  My monthly newsletter will help you keep up with important happenings in our classroom. I will send home a hard copy of the newsletter each month and also post it on my school web page.