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February 2017
What's going on in Mrs. Levy's room?

We have officially hit (actually passed) the half way mark of the school year. It's incredible how fast time is going. 
Our number of the month is "5," which we will introduce this week. Again, naturally emphasize the number 5 as you are interacting with the environment around you... the 5th aisle of the grocery store, counting 5 plates to put out for dinner, etc.  
February is one of my favorite months for themes! We will be doing the following...

Week of 1/30- Patriots/Superbowl 
Week of 2/6- Post Office
Week of 2/13- Valentine's Day
Week of 2/27- Dr. Seuss

I have discussed this with the kids, but to make it official, we will have a new student joining our classroom! Colton will be starting the first week of February and we are so excited! We have looked at his picture, talked about what he loves to play, and have been busy getting the room ready for him. Welcome Colton! 

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Tuesday 2/14! The kids will be decorating bags and exchanging valentine cards. Please prepare 13 cards, and do not fill in names in the "To:" section of the card. It is too hard for the kids to match names up, and we will just be dropping one card in per bag (works on 1:1 correspondence). Thank you for understanding! 

Parent/teacher conference sign ups are live online! If you have missed the link in the previous email or did not receive it, please let me know and I will send it to you again. 

PreK sign ups- if your child will be attending PreK again next year, please re-register your child online on the school's website. You are automatically in the program and will get to choose which program you would like. If you are unsure about the best placement for your child, we can chat. If your child is on an IEP, your child's placement and programming will be discussed in the spring at your child's transitional meeting. 

Kindergarten sign ups- if your child is eligible for Kindergarten, please go to the school's website to register your child for Kindergarten. If your child is on an IEP, please register your child and any placement or programming concerns will be discussed in the spring at your child's transitional meeting. 

**Vacation Week: Feb. 20-24 ** 

- Snow will be here before we know it! We do go outside every chance we can get, whether there is snow on the ground or not, as long as the temperature is 20* or above (factoring in windchill). Although we help all the students get ready, we ask that you do try to practice getting dressed a few times before the first snow. Trying to get 13 kiddos ready for the snow is an Olympic feat! Two other things that we request...
1) Please pack all snow clothes in one of those reusable type grocery bags. We do transfer the clothes from the cubby area to the rug, so the bags help keep everything together and it builds on their executive functioning skills! Also, wet snow clothes in the backpack leads to wet papers. 
2) Unless your child is a blackbelt super master at putting on gloves and can do so independently, please send them in with mittens. Trying to put 13 children's hands (read: 130 fingers) into gloves is near impossible to do in a timely fashion. 

If we do have snow and there is a modification (i.e. a delay) to the school schedule, the preschool schedule modification lines up with the start time of the H. Olive Day School. Please follow these guidelines...

- 30 min. delay: preschool starts at 9:30 am
- 1 hr. delay: preschool starts at 10:00 am
- 2 hr. delay: no morning preschool. If your child is in the afternoon program, they can come in at 12:00 if you would like them to attend. Dismissal will remain 2:15pm.