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About The Teacher

Bonnie O'Connell
Music and Technology 
 (508) 541-5475 x2036         oconnell@norfolk.k12.ma.us

Mrs. O'Connell graduated in 1980 with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. She received her Masters in Education from Lesley University and was certified as a Technology Integration Specialists.

Mrs. O’Connell began her teaching career in the Walpole Public Schools as a music teacher working at all levels K-12 during her 5 years in that system. She began in Norfolk in 1985 as a music teacher working with children K-6. She worked in that capacity in the Norfolk Public Schools until September 1996 when she began working as a Technology Integration Specialist. In the early years, Mrs. O'Connell taught all students in grades K-6. We were then able to have an Integration Specialist in each building and she was based at the H. Olive Day School. After budget cuts a few years ago, Mrs. O’Connell’s time was split between teaching music and integrating technology. Her present job has her responsible for the K-2 music program at the H. Olive Day School as well as technology integration in grades K-1.

Mrs. O'Connell thoroughly enjoys teaching and learning in Norfolk. During the time Mrs. O’Connell has been in Norfolk, she has worked with a great group of teachers. Many of these wonderful people have inspired technology integration through grants. Mrs. MacKenzie and Mrs. Anderson in Second Grade, paved the way when they secured a $30,000 Massachusetts Department of Education Lighthouse grant. In 2006-2008 an HP Technology for Teaching Grant involved $135,000+ in equipment and professional development. This last grant involved Mrs. Balfour, our H. Olive Day principal, and 15 teachers in grades 1&2 including 2 from our special needs department. Mrs. O'Connell loves working with these wonderful professionals to enrich the lives of the children of Norfolk. When her job was expanded to the Freeman Centennial School, she discovered another great group. Now that she is back to teaching music, she loves getting to see students on a weekly rather than bi-weekly basis. Along with a great staff, Mrs. O'Connell loves learning with the children who teach her new things everyday about music, technology and life in general which helps in her endeavor to be a life long learner.

When not in school, Mrs. O'Connell enjoys spending time with her family and friends in a variety of activities.